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sheet metal shears | Air, Hydraulic, & Foot Shears

    CINCINNATI Precision Machinery offers a wide variety of sheet metal shears from Roper Whitney and Tennsmith, including hydraulic shears, foot shears, and mechanical shears, to serve all of your company's sheet metal shearing needs. For more information on the sheet metal shears offered at CPM, please click on the company's logo.

    Roper Whitney Shears

    Roper Whitney Power Squaring Shears provide many choices of features designed for shearing efficiency and shearing accuracy to equal the demand of present day productivity. Both of the hydraulically operated Roper Whitney (PH452 and PH52) Shearing Models have built-in ruggedness that will make them last for years of normal use.

    Roper Whintey Pexto Foot Squaring Shears are the industry's most accurate. They are easy to operate and offer precise shearing, long life and dependability. Shatter-proof, transparent finger guards are amoung their safety features. All are provided with precise gauging and holddowns for cutting / shearing accuracy.

    Roper Whitney PX Series Mechanical Shears utilize a low maintenance design, coupled with an array of standard features for an attractive combination of high value and solid performance.

    Roper Whitney's 10M14 & 10M16 Mechanical Shears are the latest addition to the Roper Whitney line of shears. The 10M14 & 10M16 Mechanical Sheet Metal Shears are made of rugged construction, weigh in at 5,500 pounds, and are powered by a 5 horsepower motor. The 10M14 & 10M16 Mechanical Shears produce up to 35 strokes per minute.



    tennsmith logo

    Tennsmith Shears

    The Tennsmith 52 is a 52" wide, 16ga capacity floor model foot-squaring shear, complete with hi-carbon hi-chrome steel blades, double locking back gauge with embossed scales and vernier wheels for fine adjustment

    The Tennsmith 52H is a 52" wide, 16ga capacity floor model hydraulic squaring shear, complete with hi-carbon hi-chrome steel blades, double locking back gauge with embossed scales and vernier wheels for fine adjustment.

    The Tennsmith 52A model utilizes heavy-duty, tie rod-type pneumatic cylinders, which provide up to 40 strokes per minute in capacity materials. A foot-operated air valve control, pressure regulator, Air gauge, oiler/condenser cups and neoprene, padded holddown feet are standard features.




    Tin Knocker Shears

    The Tin Knocker 1652 foot treadle operated squaring shear incorporates all those features to which you are accustomed, to include precise gauging and hold downs for shearing accuracy. This shear is easy to operate and will give you many years of dependable service. Comes with 25" scaled back gauge. Built to last!

    The Tin Knocker power squaring shear makes shearing light gauge metal easy. The design and features make shearing accurate and efficient. This shear can accommodate 52” sheet with a maximum capacity of 16-gauge mild steel. The hydraulically powered unit features fast and smooth shearing action.

    The Tin Knocker Jacketing Shear combination payoff cradle and hand shear cuts light gauge sheet metal, paper and thin plastic.



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