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Spartan Ironworkers

Spartan Ironworkers offer excellent value with impressive capacities in punching, flat bar shearing, angle shearing, bar shearing, notching and special tooling. All of the two cylinder Spartan Ironworkers now offer an electric backgauge as standard equipment. These Iron workers have full control foot pedals, see-through stripper, and two hole die holders (D&DX series only) these are only a few of the standard features available on Spartan Ironworkers. 20" throat models available(DX).

Some OF the Capabilities Of These Ironworkers Are:

  • 50-180 ton capacity
  • 4 & 5 Stations
  • Completely Integrated
  • Multi Station armstrong blum / spartan ironworker
  • Spartan ironworkers are heavy duty construction

For more Spartan Ironworker Specifications .. click here

Spartan Model IW 88 D Iron Worker

Standard Features of Spartan Ironworkers :

Punch Station , Punch Die Holder , Punch Table , Hydraulic System , Angle Shear , Bar Shearing Station , Notching Station , Full Control Foot Pedal , Flat Bar Shear , 5 Sets of punch and dies : 9/16", 11/16", 13/16", 15/16", 1-1/16" . 3' Electrical Adjustable Back Gauge(36") , Scrap Box at Punch & Notching Stations , Keyed Punch Holder For Shaped Tooling , 24 V DC Control Boltage, Adjustable Stroke Depth at Punch Station , Magnetically Mounted Work Light, Two Hole Die Holder (D and DX Series only) , Two Piece Gauging Table , Adjustable Back Stop on Punch Table, Flat Bar Support Table with Guedes , Variable Degree Miter Cutton on Angle Flange, 45 Degree Miter cutting On Angle, See Thruough Adjustable Punch Stripper, Squaring Guides on Angle Shear

There Are Many Models Of The Armstrong Blum Spartan Ironworkers Available :

  • Spartan Model IW 50 ironworker - 50 ton capacity
  • Spartan Model IW 50S iron worker - 50 ton capacity
  • Spartan Model IW 66 Ironworker - 66 ton capacity
  • Spartan Model IW 66D iron worker - 66 ton capacity
  • Spartan Model IW 88D ironworker - 88 ton capacity
  • Spartan Model 110D/2 iron worker - 110 ton capacity
  • spartan model 135 D ironworker - 135 ton capacity
  • spartan model 180DX iron worker - 180 ton capacity


Edwards  55 Ton "Jaws IV" Ironworker - this ironworker has the capacity to punch, flat bar shear and angle shear.

Standard Features for EDWARDS 55 TON "JAWS IV" IRONWORKER:

    • Punching station
    • Coupling wrench
    • Flat bar shear
    • Angle shear
    • Safety Guards
    • Adjustable steel punch strippers
    • Adjustable holddown bars
    • Threaded jig holes
    • Pipe coupling welded too back for optional back gauge
    • Slots for gauge feeding tables
    • Comfortable working heights
    • Remote foot pedal operation
    • Integral lifting lug
    • Direct drive pump
    • Acoustic Insulation
    • Hydraulic system fully charged
    • One Year Warranty

    Some Of The Models Of Edwards Ironworkers Are Listed Below:

        • Edwards 50 Ton ironworker
        • Edwards 55 ton ironworker
        • edwards 75 ton ironworker
        • edwards 100 ton ironworker
        • edwards 25 ton ironworker
        • Edwards 50 ton duo ironworker
        • edwards 65 ton ironworker
        • edwards 100 ton deluxe ironworker


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