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Gary Slitters | Tin Knocker Slitters

Gary Slitters

Gary Model 3350 Superduty Sheet Slitter

Gary Machinery 3350 Slitter

The Model 3350 Superduty Sheet Slitter adds a new dimension to this quality line of multiple cutting equipment. To serve the processor of requiring a wide range of capacities plus superior cutting quality, the Superduty has added horsepower .. equipped with one 3/4 H.P. motor .. to supple the torque required to cut a wide range of metal thicknesses (16 gauge through 30 gauge) at operating speeds of up to 100 feet per minute. The aluminum-magnesium twist eliminators permit a knife arrangement for cutting strips as narrow as 1 1/2 " in width.

Gary Machinery Slitter 3350

Standard Features Of The Gary Model 3350 Superduty Sheet Slitter:

  • 3" diameter cold - roll turned, ground and polished shafts mounted in dual wall ball bearings, lubricated for life series.
  • cold rolled steel gauges on both sides permit left or right hand operation
  • end frames are of aluminum-Magnesuim alloy using the exclusive Gary Torsion Tube Assembly for a lightweight rugged unit.
  • Heavy gauge steel table with "T" bar reinforcement.
  • One 3/4 H.P. gearhead motor available for either 110 or 220 volt single phase 60 HZ
  • motors provided with thermal overload protection by means of an electrical motor starter.
  • available in either 40,60,80, or 100 Feet Per Minute.
  • Remote hand pendant for easy knife settings.
  • stripper fingers provide for a twist-free cut.
  • standard knives 3/4 " thick X 3 " I.D. X 5 " O.D. High - carbon or optional high - carbon high - chrome steel

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Gary Model 3354 Single Wheel Slitter

Gary Single Wheel Slitter model 3354

This Gary Machinery Slitting Machine is designed for on-site use yet equally at home in the industrial environment, this rugged rotary shear is something no one cutting sheet metal stock should be without. The Gary Single Wheel Slitter is capable of shearing strips anywhere from 1" to 24" wide from any size parent sheet with no limitation on length. Simple operation includes moving pointer to the desired width of cut, lock in place with hand knobs, switch on and feed material - no tools required. This slitter is designed for 16 gauge mild steel or lighter, will also cut aluminum, stainless, and a variety of non-metallic materials with ease.

Gary Single wheel slitter model 3354

Standard Features Of The Gary Model 3354 Single Wheel Slitter:

  • Die-set type gauge mounting that insures easy setting and consistent squareness
  • gauge mounting rods are extended to provide convenient carrying handles
  • gauge is easily removed for machine transport and re-installed with no resquaring
  • slitter knives are proven GARY "Quickset" design manufactured from toolsteel
  • knives are outboard mounted for easy access
  • knives are reversible , intervals between sharpening is double that of a single edge knives
  • "Adiprene" stripper rings are non-marking and serve to hold the material flat reducing twist
  • dual bearings mounted at knife end to minimize deflection and increase knife life
  • heavy duty roller chain drive powered by 1/3 HP gearmotor
  • standard 110 volt with grounded plug. Requires less than 6 amps

    Models available through Gary Sheet Slitters -

    • Gary Single Wheel Slitter Model 3354
    • Gary Sheet Slitter Model 3355 (24",36",48" and 60" Width Capacities)
    • Gary Sheet Slitter Model 4000
    • Gary Sheet Slitter Model 3590
    • Gary Sheet Slitter Model 4025
    • Gary Unslire System Model 3360


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Tin Knocker TK 2024 & TK 1624 Slitters

TK 20 Ga & 16 Ga Slitters: Sturdy 24 inch throat slitters with quick adjusting back gauge and scale. Stand is optional.

*Shown With Optional Stand

TK 2024 Slitter Features:
Weight: 300 lbs
Dimensions: 42 x 18 x 22 in
Capacity: 20 Ga Sheet Metal
Throat: 24"
Motor: 1/2 HP, 115v
Minimum Slitting Width: 1.25"
Maximum Slitting Width: 24.25"
Speed (Approx.): 90 FPM

TK 1624 Slitter Features:
Weight: 550 lbs
Dimensions: 46 x 19 x 30 in
Capacity: 16 Ga Sheet Metal
Throat: 24"
Motor: 3/4 HP, 115v
Minimum Slitting Width: 1.25"
Maximum Slitting Width: 24.25"
Speed (Approx.): 90 FPM


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