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Glue Systems | HVAC equipment

Duro Dyne Model GBAC Roto Bonder

Duro Dyne Model GBAC Roto Binder , insulation glue system for your hvac shop needs

A roll coating application system featuring high production rates, minimal maintenance, and operator safely Duro Dyne was the first company to introduce an adhesive designed strictly for fastening insulation to steel. Since that time Duro Dyne has continued to incorporate the latest technological advances into its adhesive products. As the need for a low cost non-flammable adhesive grew, Duro Dyne pioneered the introduction of a quality water based adhesive which is both economical and safe to apply. This development makes possible low cost, high production roller application of adhesive. To realize the fullest production potential of water based adhesive, Duro Dyne designed the Roto Bonder; a production machine which rapidly applies adhesive to insulation prior to the insulation being bonded to metal.

FAST: The GBAC is capable of coating fiberglass duct liner at the rate of 52’ per minute. Using a standard roll of material - 5’ wide, the GBAC coats over 250 square feet of liner per minute.
VERSATILE: GBAC’s are quickly adjusted to accept liner ranging for 1/2 to 2 inch thickness.
EASY TO USE: The Roto Bonder pumps water base adhesive from a drum into a built-in storage tank. A circulating system maintains proper adhesive level. Simply turn on the power and feed the liner material into the GBAC. There is no over spray or dangerous solvent fumes.
FAST CLEANUP: The GBAC cleans with plain water in minutes. All parts are easily accessible to the operator.
HIGH PRODUCTION: The GBAC works with existing Insulation Sizing machines and can be used in conjunction with an Automatic Pinspotter for a low cost high
efficiency production line.
SERVICE: Duro Dyne distributors and territory managers are available throughout the country to provide continuing service.
RELIABLE: Using the highest quality components, the Roto Bonder is built to withstand the rigors of high production shop usage.

Roto bonder: The Roto Bonder is a machine designed specifically for the purpose of roller coating one side of duct liner with adhesive prior to joining to the metal section of the duct. Insulation up to 60” wide can be evenly coated at a rate of 52’ per minute. Either Duro Dyne’s WSA or WIT adhesive can be used. Both are water base non-flammable adhesive and are available in 55 gallon drums or 5 gallon pails. The Roto Bonder contains a trough through which the lower of two rollers rotates. The lower roller picks up adhesive, the thickness of which is controlled accurately by an adjustable metering bar. The Roto Bonder accepts insulation thickness of 1/2 to 2 inches.

Turn the multi port valve so that adhesive flows from the 60 gallon storage tank into the trough. Re-set the valve to circulate the adhesive from the tank to the trough and feed pre-cut liner material into the machine. In seconds, adhesive coated fiberglass automatically moves across the exit fingers. At the end of the work day, pump adhesive from the trough to the storage tank. To clean the rolls, metering bar, trough and exit rack, sponge them with water. By eliminating spraying, there is no longer any hazard
of fire and dangerous fumes, No venting of fumes is necessary. Clean-up is fast and easy. When the Roto Bonder is used in conjunction with a Liner Sizing machine and Pinspotter, it is possible for one man to perform the entire operation of adhering and pinning liner to duct sections.


  • A heavy duty low maintenance air operated pump.
  • A metering bar accurately controls adhesive application.
  • Easy access multi-port ball valves control adhesive flow.
  • The cleanup position leaves sufficient space between the upper roll and the adhesive roll to allow for easy
    cleanup without endangering the operator.
  • A stainless steel trough provides dependable rustproof service.
  • A 60 gallon covered storage tank is built into the Roto Bonder.
  • Safety guards are designed for maximum safety and practical shop use.


  • Motor - 1/3 horsepower motor
  • Pump - air operated diaphragm type
  • Insulation Thickness - machine adjustable to coat insulation
    from 1/2” to 2” thick Liner Width - from 12” to 60” wide
  • Liner Length - from 12”
  • Speed of Application - approximately 52’ per minute
  • Adhesive - Duro Dyne WIT or WSA, Water base only

    IMPORTANT: Flow direction is determined with operator standing at control side of machine.
    GBAC Code No. 39171 left to right flow
    GBAC Code No. 39250 right to left flow

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