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ERmaksan | ErMAK USA

Ermaksan is one of the emerging companies in the changing market of Sheet Metal Working Machinery. With 40 years of experience dedicated to manufacturing excellent press brakes and shears.

Ermaksan is becoming one of the world’s leaders in the sheet metal machinery manufacturing.

Ermak, our main brand name reflects the leading technology and a tradition of excellent products. Ermak is well known in the world market and has been for several decades. The productivity and reliability of our machines is exceeded only by their affordable prices.

Ermak Model CNCHAP 10' X 176 Ton Press Brake

Ermaksan - Ermak model CNCHAP 3 axis syncronized hydraulic press brake

Ermak CNCHAP 3 Axis Synchronized Hydraulic Press Brake

Standard Equipment on an Ermak Hydraulic Press Brake

  • Mono block, welded steel frame rigid to deflection moment and high tensile with ST44 A1 material
  • Delem controller,
  • Y1 + Y2 + X axis
  • synchronization control of Y1 + Y2 axis by± 0.01 accuracy linear encoders is provided by means of hydro - electrical technique, with servo valves
  • AC motorized back gauge system with ball screwed shaft in X-axis, analog dynamic, fast servo controlled back gauge
  • hydraulic system by proportional valve system with the brands bosch-Rexroth or Hoerbiger,
  • high accuracy heidenhain - givi measure linear encoders,
  • electrical panel with cooling system, designed to meet CE Standards and composed of automation and electrical equipments with
  • automatic tonnage adjustment, with proportional valves
  • getting the required angle in one step without trial-Error method by entering material type, width, length and thickness,
  • automatic adjustment of back gauge position according to the bending program
  • bending sequence
  • automatic calculation of required stroke for the required bending angle
  • harmony of used tooling and bending part
  • storing the programs in memory and recalling
  • hardened, grinded and standard segmented (835mm) top and bottom tooling system. Bottom tool with four v-dies in dimensions of 60X60
  • amada promecam clamping system with quick release
  • user-friendly, moveable and ergonomic control panel carrying all buttons,
  • light guard positioned at the back side of the machine
  • multiple point parallelism adjustable back gauge bar, back gauge fingers with the accuracy of 0.01
  • front support arms with t-slot and mM/Inch scale
  • 400 MM throat depth
  • conforming to eU machine safety directives and CE regulations

Optional Equipment on an Ermak Hydraulic Press Brake

  • Manual WILA Anti-Deflection system
  • R axis
  • motorized wila anti-Deflection system which operates automatically according to tonnage applied
  • front light guard system
  • laser protection : laser protection system for die area, LASER SAFE LZS, AKAS II , (camera based system) sick v4000, DFS LASER
  • pneumatic top tool holding system
  • hydraulic top and bottom tool holding system
  • sliding front arms with bearing rollers
  • hydraulic oil coolant
  • automatic slide greasing system
  • special throat depth (500,600 and 750 MM)
  • special top and bottom tool
  • tandem application

These Ermak Hydraulic Press Brakes come with Delem CNC Controls. The DelemDA6XW controllers are Windows based like a PC. It is possible to make data transfer and back-up operation between PC and controller through network connection. Delem controlled machine could be controlled from a PC and watched while it is running online. Specifications for this Delem Control listed below.

  • Controls up to 6 Axis
  • Tool Catalog Built In
  • Material Catalog
  • Draw Program Mode
  • Offline Programming Software
  • 2 USB Ports

    Delem Controllers for your ermak hydraulic press brake

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Ermak Model HGD 10' X 3/8" Swing Beam Shear

Ermak Model HGD Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

Standard equipment on an Ermak Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear

  • mono block, welded steel frame rigid to deflection moment and high tensile with ST44 A1 material
  • ELGO 9521 NC controller
  • one-piece honed and chrome plated double acting powerful cylinders,
  • high quality top and bottom blades - bottom :4 Top:2 cutting sides
  • easily adjustable blade gap adjustment system from single point
  • bosh - rexroth hydraulic system
  • high pressurized silet atos pump
  • fast and powerful back gauge with 1000mm distance, moving by ballscrewed shafts, with automatic swing away feature
  • avaiding sheet sliding during cutting action, powerful hold downs with maximum performance
  • cutting length adjustment allowing stroke adjustment for shorter sheets and shorten the cutting time
  • roller bearings on the table to help placing sheet to machine easily
  • front support arms with ruler and flip-Stop
  • foot pedal available for single or continuous cutting
  • cutting line illumination
  • sick backside protections

Optional equipment on these Ermak Swing Beam Shears

  • ERMAK CNC HGD automatic blade GAP and automatic target stroke adjustment according to material, thickness and length by Cybelec DNC61G cut
  • pneumatic sheet support system
  • pneumatic sheet unloading system
  • automatic stacking system
  • laser cutting line
  • finger protective light curtain
  • oil collant
  • longer front arms or squaring arm
  • angular gauge

These Ermak Hydraulic Swing Beam Shear Models HGD come with the ELGO P9521 Control. Specifications for this Delem Control listed below.

  • manual operation mode
  • single operation mode
  • ability to make cutting program
  • inch/mm conversion
  • 99 step program
  • parametric adjustments


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